Home Care: In-Home Services

For residents who want to maintain their independence and dignity by continuing to live in the comfort of their own homes.

Our In-Home Service Options

“An estimated 800,000 individuals with Dementia (or one in seven) live alone. People living with Dementia who live alone are exposed to higher risks—including inadequate self-care, malnutrition, untreated medical conditions, falls, wandering from home unattended and accidental deaths—compared to those who do not live alone. Of those who have dementia and live alone, up to half of them do not have an identifiable caregiver (Alzheimer’s Association 2012).”

Deciding which in-home care is the best option for your loved one can be challenging. At Stonebridge, we understand the sensitivity that must be taken when a friend or family member suffers from dementia-related diseases. Let our highly experienced Personal Care Attendants make your life easier with a customized plan of care that ensures a peaceful and satisfying in-home care experience.

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